Managed IT Security Services


With the number of attacks on business growing at an alarming rate, your business is not safe or immune to these threats. The old school method of desktop and firewall antivirus won’t protect your business against the latest threats. Our fully managed IT security services are a balance between security, confidentiality, integrity, and protecting your business across the security spectrum against the latest and greatest threats.

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Managed IT Security Services Features


Detect, alert and report on all system changes, user account modifications, or file changes. Knowing the who, what, when, and where for everyone who has access to your systems is key for mitigating attacks and maintaining compliance.


The latest in threat protection and the only true way to prevent against unknown attacks. Your users are only allowed to run applications pre-verified by our managed IT security services management team.


The weakest link in IT security design is people. Our managed security team will conduct training, give tests to your users and allow them to report suspicious activity, making them part of the solution.


Creating your own IT security policies can be a daunting task. We’ll help you with crafting IT security policies that suit your business needs.

Security Incident and Event Management

Monitored in real time by a 24x7x365 Security Operations Center (SOC), our system correlates all security events across network devices and servers regardless of location for irregularities which are then investigated by our security team to look for even the most devious or careful attackers.


Combined with patch and update management, regular vulnerability scanning and remediation of detected issues is key to making sure your company isn’t an easy target. Our experts will regularly scan your systems externally and/or internally to detect and re-mediate threats to stay ahead of potential attackers.

Mobile Device Management

Protect your company data when allowing employees to use their personal devices for work related matters. If a device is lost or stolen or an employee is terminated, immediately block access to your company’s data or wipe the device. Also – enforce policies to ensure that your employees’ devices are password protected and meet your security requirements before allowing access to your companies data.


Protect your business against malicious employees with the employee activity monitoring solution. Log every key stroke, record video, log all file transfers and more to ensure that your company’s sensitive and confidential data is kept safe.