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Business owners having a meeting about managing disaster recovery threats for their company.

Disaster Recovery Threats for Jacksonville Businesses

By Jacksonville IT Expert / April 19, 2021
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Potential business disruptions evolve with changes in the business landscape. For instance, the increased use of third-party digital tools can create security threats in your organization. Expanding your operations to a different region exposes your business to new environmental and socio-economic challenges. Such issues necessitate a flexible business continuity plan (BCP) to mitigate the associated […]

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Doctor using a laptop in a hospital setting to access his patient records.

Sharing Patient Records Between Field Locations Without Compromising Security

By Jacksonville IT Expert / March 15, 2021
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Maintaining HIPAA compliance is among the most challenging duties of a medical business. Whether you are a hospital, clinic, or a secondary business that serves the health industry, we know that patient records security is a topmost priority. Patient data must be protected in compliance with HIPAA regulations. Sharing Patient Records Between Field Locations Sharing […]

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Young male doctor writing on his notebook while working from home.

WFH Security Risks of a Medical Business

By Jacksonville IT Expert / February 9, 2021
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One year ago, working from home (WFH) was considered an unusual but popular employment perk. In the aftermath of the 2020 pandemic, working from home has become the norm for anyone whose job can be done from a computer. In the medical industry, this has transitioned millions of professionals to at-home positions whenever possible to […]

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Female healthcare professional working in a laboratory and using various healthcare systems.

Healthcare Unscheduled Downtime and Outages Cost

By Jacksonville IT Expert / January 25, 2021
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For the past thirty or so years, many industries, especially in healthcare, have undergone a digital transformation. Today’s typical healthcare facility runs on a variety of hardware, software, complex networks, and cloud-based systems that are all required to work seamlessly in sync for its day-to-day operations. These operations mostly revolve around record-keeping of patient’s information, […]

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Young black programmer meeting regulation software upgrade compliance by upgrading software on a PC in the office.

Software Upgrade Compliance Should Be Your Top IT Priority

By Jacksonville IT Expert / December 9, 2020
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In order to do business in today’s economy, companies must meet regulatory upgrade compliance. You need PCI DSSS compliance to handle payments. You need GDPR compliance to have European customers. In the medical field, HIPAA is the leading regulatory order. Every aspect of your business must uphold or fall into compliance, especially your software. Today, […]

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it professionals collaborating over how to reduce human errors in an smb

6 Techniques to Reduce the Risk of Human Error in Network and Computer Security

By Jacksonville IT Expert / November 16, 2020
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Maintaining network security and computer security in today’s cyber-environment is a big task. Even individuals without a company to worry about must constantly remain on their toes. In the business world, every company that handles data (aka everyone) is a target for today’s hackers. From a handful of credit-card numbers to reams of private customer […]

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