Small Business IT Consulting

IT Consulting services to help your organization leverage IT effectively

Transform to Organized & Collaborative

The demands of today's distributed workforce can be effectively met with the right IT solutions.  NetTech consultants helps organizations modernize their operations with cloud solutions, and protect and secure their businesses, and mitigate the effects external shocks that create disruptions.


Technical Analysis

Our knowledgeable and friendly technology consultants will take stock of your current
infrastructure and identify gaps.

Deep Expertise

Our deep technical expertise across several industries allows us to make superior
recommendations that can save you time and money compared to other providers.

Valuable Recommendations & Advisement Services

Be confident in developing technical infrastructure and a device management plan with our consulting services.

Support & Implementation Services

Technical consultations don't have to end with analysis and recommendations. Our staff has the
capability to implement solutions that fit your needs.

Develop An IT Plan

Has growth begun to overwhelm your internal IT management team?  Are you wondering if there are ways your organization could work more effectively?  Do you need a second opinion on the best way to secure your infrastructure and ensure the continuity of operations?  Reach out to NetTech consultants today to develop an IT plan for your business.

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Backup And Disaster Recovery Consulting

Jacksonville businesses are under regular threat from hurricanes.  In fact a hurricane affects the Jacksonville area on average every 2.19 years, and there is a long list of other threats that can cause a disruption. Is verifying the integrity of your backups and ensuring your disaster recovery plan is in place becoming a priority?  Our IT consultants can advise you on what infrastructure is needed to keep your business operational.  In addition to backup and disaster recovery consulting we also offer managed services to periodically conduct a disaster recovery exercise to make sure your plan doesn't go stale.

IT Procurement Consulting

As a business grows, and the number of devices in the organization needing repair, replacement, and maintenance starts to add up.  Procuring new PCs, servers, mobile devices, and more requires more careful planning.  Managing expenses and choosing the right hardware is an important consideration that we advise businesses on regularly. Moving to the cloud carries its own sort of procurement challenges.  You need to estimate compute usage in your organization and plan for procurement of virtual machines, rather than physical hardware.  Contact us for help with IT procurement planning and forecasting.


If your business is looking for strategic IT direction, NetTech Consultants, Inc. is positioned to be
the team behind your team. You will have access to our whole team of IT consultants, experts, and 24/7 365 technical support for any solutions implemented. Our elite technical assessment team will evaluate your business’s future goals and current operations.

All of our technical solutions keep a strong focus on security and maintainability. Our consultations help you manage risks with access control plans and the hardening of your technical infrastructure.

We will identify opportunities to make your organization more efficient, potential weaknesses in your current strategy, and provide the resources needed to guide your staff. We will also include a modified security risk assessment as part of your technical evaluation. This preventative analysis will identify possible dangers your company could face within the broad IT landscape and determine the action that is needed to keep you secure.

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