Managed Cloud IT Services

Managed Cloud Application Services

NetTech provides unique combinations of affordable and secure cloud service offerings to fit your needs. In the land of hurricanes, what’s your backup plan? We provide unique combinations of cloud service offerings, all under one bill, to one vendor. As your trusted partner in technology, NetTech’s cloud offerings can help you boost productivity and achieve your business goals.

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REDUCE Total Cost of Ownership

Under the right circumstances, your overall total cost of ownership can be lowered by switching to cloud hosting. No more high power bills, server asset management and large capital expenses.


With cloud services, your employees can work from anywhere, securely. Change the way you do business by allowing employees to disperse geographically, or hire out of state without losing any of the elements of a full featured office.


Cloud hosting is often more secure than hosting physically at your company. Your cloud data is located in Fort Knox-like data centers that exceed even the most stringent regulatory and security standards.


Keep all of your cloud applications managed under a single bill. We’ll handle optimizing the services to ensure you are paying for only what you need with our managed cloud IT services.

Dependable Managed Cloud IT Services

You don’t have to compromise on the resiliency and uptime with applications after moving to the cloud. Our managed cloud IT services make your applications uptime dependable.