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Computer and Workstation Support Services For small bussinesses In SE GA & NE FL.

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Small Business Computers
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Is your organization on the fast track to growth and the computer issues are piling up?  Are you losing track of all the laptops and workstations you've purchased for your employees?  Are your employees computer needs starting to be disruptive to more senior leaders in your organization that aren't focused on IT? Are you worried about viruses running rampant through your computer networks? NetTech can help.

NetTech Consultants, Inc

We Help You With Computer Issues Like..

  • Procuring New Computers And Laptops
  • Computer setups
  • Application installs
  • Antivirus installs
  • Configuring computer security settings
  • Connecting your computers to the network
  • Installing VPN
  • Initiating repairs
  • Provisioning employee access
  • Managing the lifecycle of your device
  • And more!
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Computer Support Services You Can Trust

Customer Satisfaction Rate

At NetTech Consultants, we actively listen to our customers. We include a feedback mechanism on every computer support ticket that comes through our help desk and have maintained over a 97% customer satisfaction rate as reported by the end users directly affected by our work. That's support you can trust.

Minutes Average Response Time

If your currently working with an IT provider that's not up to par you may be frustrated with the inability to even get someone on the phone or otherwise get a response your inquiry. At NetTech consultants we've maintained a 15 minutes or less response time to customer help desk tickets as tracked by our own internal systems.

Unlimited Computer Support & More
For A Low Monthly Fee

NetTech Consultants provides affordable computer support services for a variety of devices including desktops, workstations, laptops, personal computers, tablets, and 2 in 1's. No matter the type of computer your company's employees use to power their business NetTech has you covered. We'll keep your devices patched, maintained, and secure with remote monitoring solutions.

Our remote monitoring solutions allow us to work to keep your company computers up to date in a minimally invasive fashion from a remote location. When possible, our updates and maintenance activities are applied outside of normal business hours while your employees are busy sleeping and demands for computing power are at a minimum. Don't worry though, we also operate on site where needed.

NetTech is experienced with the needs of small business pricing. Our computer support plans are competitively priced with flexible pricing based on the number of employees that scales as the needs of your business change. We offer competitive pricing for the level of service quality provided, with an established track record of satisfied customers.

What Customers Say About Our
Small Business Computer Support Services

"Great technicians, very knowledgeable couldn't ask for a better tech support than NetTech. Very appreciative of their work and support. Help-desk always helpful in getting me to the right tech that knows my system."

"Super fast turnaround. Thank you! Very impressed with the service."

"NetTech has truly been a breath of fresh air, they are always responsive!"


Devices We Service

Our comprehensive IT support means we can deploy a technician to your location or our computer support team can work remotely to fix many computer and network problems. NetTech Consultants, Inc. offers a quick response to business IT problems and resolves issues professionally. When things do not work well, you'll to know that you’ve got a reliable partner who can step in and help you.




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Computer Support Services




Virus Protection

Repair & Replacement

Hardware Upgrades

Computer Virtulization

Application Installs

And More!

At NetTech Consultants, Inc. we provide ongoing training to enhance the abilities of our team and we also invest in the development of our team. We employ skilled specialists from diverse backgrounds to ensure you benefit from our collective skill set and technology experience. Whatever your IT issues or how complex it might be, you can rest assured that when you choose NetTech Consultants, Inc. to care for your computer support needs, you’re working with a company who can support your business reliably, comprehensively, and with the most up-to-date technology available.

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